Relife – 10 years of Preserving Precious Memories

At Relife (based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) we’ve been transferring our client’s precious memories from video tapes and films onto DVD’s for the past 10 years and have saved thousands of hours of video from fading away forever.

All work is completed in our fully equipped transfer workshop in Melbourne – nothing is outsourced to any other parties.

Did you know that video tapes start deteriorating in only 5 years and can be unwatchable in 10?


Video tapes use magnetic particles to store information and over time the particles lose their charge and your video memories fade along with them,

Even if you store your tapes well in a cool, dark and dry place the tape will still degrade.

The ONLY way to save your memories is to transfer your videos to DVD now before it’s too late.

Information on DVD’s is literally burned onto the storage layer and will last for decades. Best of all you can easily copy your videos from the DVD onto your computer and even onto the Internet.

Your Equipment Is Now Obsolete

VCR-VHS-OBSOLETEThe other big issue is that VCR’s, film projectors and tape based video cameras are becoming like hens teeth and almost impossible to find – a problem that is only going to get worse.

Even if your tapes or films are in great condition, chances are you will find it hard to find a machine to play them on.

Transfer them to DVD and you can play them in your DVD player or computer and you can easily copy the videos off onto your hard drive or the Internet where they can be stored forever.

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Peter Baile
Managing Director (and Chief Transferologist)

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