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This is what is happening to your precious video tapes


You may be surprised to know that your VHS video tapes, video camera tapes and other precious family memories are slowly but surely deteriorating and will soon become completely unwatchable.

In fact video tapes even when stored correctly in a cool, dark and dry environment start to degrade in 5 years and can be completely unwatchable in less than 10 years.

Your wedding video, babies first steps, holiday memories will all be gone forever unless you take steps to save them.


The solution? Transfer them to DVD before it’s too late!

At Relife, we transfer all of those tapes, films, slides and virtually any other media to DVD where it will be preserved for years to come and easily transferable again to hard drive, the internet or other new media in the future.

If you don’t have a VHS machine, video camera or film projector capable of playing your tapes and films then all the more reason to get them transferred before it’s too late.

It’s a decision you’ll be glad you made and your family will thank you for.


Send us your films and videos!


Time and distance can be an issue with our busy lifestyles.

The simple answer is to post your tapes, films etc. to us and we will transfer your precious memories to DVD and post them back to you.

Just imagine giving Mom & Dad their wedding day movie on a DVD so they can relive that magic day and share with all the family


A simple fact with videos and films is that not all them are suitable for transfer.

With videos, the label doesn’t match the content which is usually where they have been taped over and it is just some old TV programme, and films, especially the early ones are either over or under exposed and there is no usable image to be recovered
If this is the case we will always ring and discuss it with you first. We won’t charge you for something that is basically useless.

Damaged tapes:

So the VCR has chewed up that very special tape, or the cassette got dropped, perhaps your wedding or some memorable family event.

We can in most instances repair them by taking out the damaged section and splicing the tape back together. A dropped cassette generally means replacing it by transferring your tape to a new cassette.

So send them to us and we will recover all we can for you and transfer it to DVD

Repair your video $10.00 – Replace your cassette $20.00

Return Postage:

As an added bonus we will return your work to you for a flat rate of $5.00 postage regardless of how many tapes
or films you send us.

Any Questions:

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